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About Adventists

Have you ever wondered what Seventh-day Adventists believe?

The Adventist belief system is based on the Bible. Forgiveness, grace and salvation are core to the teachings of the Adventist church. Adventists believe in the second-coming of Jesus Christ, as outlined in the Gospels.

Detailed information about Adventists can be found by clicking on the links below or is available on request from the school.

Helpful links

What Adventists believe

Adventist Education

Other Adventist Schools in New Zealand

Local Adventist Churches

Church: Wellington Samoan Seventh-day Adventist Church
Address: Apple Terrace, Ranui Heights, Porirua 5024

Church: Porirua Seventh-day Adventist Church
Address: 16 Kenepuru Drive, Porirua 5022 
Website: http://www.poriruasda.org.nz

Other Adventist Organisations

Adventist Media Network
ADRA – Adventist Development and Relief Agency
North NZ Youth Ministries
RECORD on-line
Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing
Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific
South Pacific Adventist Youth Ministries
Sydney Adventist Hospital
World Headquarters of the Adventist Church


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