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Room 2

Year five girls reading to find information about tadpoles and frogs...

Year five girls reading to find key information about frogs and tadpoles. Room Two has six 

tadpoles that have just grown back legs. We know that in another four weeks they will have

front legs and not long after that we will have to start feeding them flies and worms instead of


Two of our year four girls reading together.

Two of our Year 3 boys recording information about frogs and tadpoles.


Data Detectives

Room 2 has been learning to sort and analyse data during statistics. 


And in the garden...

During week two of term, Room 2 students planted strawberries, tomatoes, peas, and lettuces

in their garden. They put compost in each hole as they planted and then covered the soil with

newspaper and sawdust to keep the ground moist and to prevent weeds from growing.


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