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We Serve

Developing a sense of service in children is important for increasing participation in the community and developing an understanding of life beyond their own. Children who develop a strong sense of community service effectiveness believe in their abilities to take appropriate action in serving the needs of their community.

Service-learning that incorporates preparation and reflection into service activities, underpins the success of community service. At Wellington Seventh-day Adventist School, our students are taught the value of service, and the difference it makes in the lives of others. Age appropriate opportunities for service enable students to develop skills to become effective change agents in their communities. Service-learning activities in turn increase children’s sense of belonging to their communities. When children develop a sense of belonging to their communities they are more likely to feel a sense of responsibility to themselves and to the group and to consider what is best for the community.

The value of service develops in children an understanding of life beyond their own.


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